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  Behind EveryDayStray

About us …

Everydaystray is run by Clair and Neil. They first met in 2018 and discovered that they were both very (very!) passionate about dogs. Dogs have always played a big part in their lives. They cannot imagine life withtout a dog. They both feel dogs offer companionship, loyalty, unconditional love and what better welcome home can you get?

Neil had been active in the UK against puppy farming. He worked along side organisations such as CARIAD aiming to stop the cruelty and suffering of dogs from breeders. Sadly, some people take a different view of a dog, they see a dog as a money making machine by having litter after litter of puppies to sell. The dogs live in disgusting conditions with no love and warmth. Neil found this heartbreaking to see dogs suffer this way when he knows a dog can give you so much more.

Clair has always lived with dogs. Her parents always had rescue dogs in need of help so her passion for rescuing dogs is in her blood.

Following various trips and volunteering at a dog shelter in Bulgaria it became apparent to Clair and Neil of the way a lot of dogs were living and were treated in Bulgaria. They were both shocked and deeply affected about what they saw.

Clair and Neil
Suffering dogs in Bulgaria

Suffering street dogs in Bulgaria

They witnessed many dogs living on very short chains suffering with no food, water or shelter. Dogs could be seen lying dead at the side of the road or just barely alive after being hit by traffic. Clair in particular remembers seeing a street dog in Bulgaria whose back legs had been run over, the dog was still alive and trying to crawl away from the road despite his legs being embedded into the road. A memory she will never forget.

They also saw puppies abandoned or ‘thrown away’ on streets, roads and garbage bins, dogs cruelly treated, body parts cut off, shot with guns, people throwing stones at them, kicking them and even trying to poison them with anti-freeze which is a very slow and painful death.

Wanting to make a difference: moving to Bulgaria

After some changes in their lives Neil and Clair decided to leave the UK and come to Bulgaria to rescue street dogs in Bulgaria. They had been deeply haunted of what they had seen and wanted to make a difference.

Neil was first to leave making his journey with three dogs of his own, travelling and sleeping in his white builder’s van. To find out more follow Neil’s Journey to Bulgaria

Clair soon followed and then their work began together to make a difference to rescue street dogs in Bulgaria.

Everydaystray Bulgaria

In 2019 they set up Everydaystray Bulgaria and are a non-profit registered Non-Governmental Organisation (Reg. No.: 205916013). In 2023 they were awarded to be a registered licenced shelter in Bulgaria (Reg. No. 5332-0100). This means that the shelter will be regulated by the municipality ensuring standards and administration meet the legal requirements. But most importantly it will enable Everydaystray Bulgaria to transport rescued dogs across Europe and the UK to their new homes.

Since they started Clair, Neil and the Everydaystray team have now rescued and rehomed over 370 street dogs from Bulgaria across Europe, America and to the United Kingdom. See how we have transformed the lives of some of the most vulnerable and abused dogs on our Welcome home page.

What we do as a Bulgarian street dog rescue

Sadly some people in Bulgaria have a total disregard for dogs, not just street dog’s, who are open to abuse and in some more severe cases either being shot or poisoned.

Unfortunately dog’s that are owned are open to just as much abuse. Chained without shelter, food, water and medication.

Dog’s with their necks embedded with a cable or rope…. This is where Everydaystray Bulgaria’s shelter prides itself on addressing these issues first and foremost, saving lives.

  • Rescue street dogs (currently have 50 dogs at the shelter)
  • Manage the shelter 24/7
  • Assist sick and injured dogs
  • Seek foster care placements for rescue dogs (When the shelter is full)
  • Free neuturing programme
  • School education program
  • Feed and walk a chained dog
  • Provide free kennels to dog owners in the community

Our Team


Community Liaison Manager

Senior Flight Coordinator

Founder & Shelter Manager

NGO Member & Social Media Coordinator

NGO Member & Adoption Coordinator

UK Coordinator

Their work continues