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the project

Every time you support Everydaystray NGO, you are saving lives and giving dogs care, love, and the second chance they deserve. All donations go towards the welfare of the dogs and the shelter running costs.

The impact of your donations

Feed one stray dog

De-worming & tick treatment for one dog

Feed a pack of stray dogs

Pet Passport

Dog house

Spay/Neuter a stray dog.

Kennel Sponsorship

Help make sure there’s always somewhere safe to stay for lost and abandoned dogs. Your sponsorship will make sure there’s always somewhere safe and warm at Everydaystray shelter for street dogs to call home while they wait to find a family.

You will be helping vulnerable dogs that arrive at our gates every day with nowhere else to turn, whatever their circumstance or history. You will be providing them with the best level of care, urgent medical treatment and safe shelter for as long as it takes to find their second chance at life home.

Shelter and comfort necessity for the time of their stay

Medical care



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Adopt a dog

By adopting you move mountains in the life of a former street dog in our shelter. Until your first meeting with the happy four-legged friend, we will take care of all necessary steps.

Passport & Documents

Necessary vaccinations


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Dog Houses

We not only work with dogs that come to the shelter but dog owners in communities. We help to promote responsible dog ownership by providing for free of charge a kennel for the dog who is usually chained.

We also offer to fence the dog’s area so the chain can be removed and the dog will run freely and safely. By supporting the Dog House project you will enable us to purchase the dog kennels (from a local supplier) and provide fencing and bedding for the dog.

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Get involved

There are many ways you can fundraise for Everydaystray and help make a difference to the lives of unwanted, sick and abandoned street dogs.

Donations of goods



Other ideas are welcome

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More ways to get involved

You can come up with creative ideas at work, in the community or at school, college and university.

It could be a cake baking sale, coffee morning, sponsored silence, swear jar, mystery dinner, worker auction, ice cream social, cheese and wine night, car wash or even a danceathon, you could be as creative as you want. We would love to hear your ideas and would be more than happy to promote your event across our social media.

So get your thinking caps on for creative fundraising ideas and when you are having fun eating delicious cake or dining on cheese and wine all funds raised would be going to support our work with the dogs.

Raise money for Everydaystray on Facebook.
You can set up a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday and other momentous occasions. Get in contact with us via Facebook for more information!

Ask your employer to become an official campaign sponsor and encourage your colleagues to bring their pooches into work for the day. In return for a minimum donation of £100, your company’s logo and a link to your website will be displayed on Everydaystray NGO website.

Get sponsored to give up something you love for a month. It could be chocolate, coffee, cigarettes or cake. Ask friends, family and colleagues to support you with your ‘giving up’ and you will be supporting the welfare of the dogs at the shelter.

You could sign up for runs, bike rides or even a triathlon in aid of Everydaystray NGO. Setting up a Just Giving page is a great way of enabling friends and family to sponsor you online. Visit for more information on how to set this up.

So you could run, walk, sail or ride towards a better future for the street dogs we work with!

Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-efficient way to support Everydaystray NGO.

  Thank you so much for your support!