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I have two grown up daughters and four rescue dogs, two are from the U.K and two are from Bulgaria.

Dogs have always been an integral part of my life, giving me great pleasure, companionship and always unconditional love a very rare quality which inspires me to give something back to dogs which are less fortunate

I have been involved in the U.K campaigning to end puppy farming and I have supported animal welfare organisations and charities.

I first came to Bulgaria in 2017 to volunteer at a shelter and recognised the great need of street dogs and the communities in which they live

In 2019 after returning several times to Bulgaria I chose to leave the U.K. and pursue my ambition to help dogs

I now live in Bulgaria and finally after 12 months I am now the Manager of the registered Non-Governmental Organisation (N.G.O) named Everydaystray.

We will be working with street and owned dogs on various projects. I look forward to our journey and making a difference. … Let the good times roll!