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Meet Leonie, she is our newest NGO member at Everydaystray. She was born and raised in Germany and had never had big experiences with street dogs before now, but her love and fascination for dogs started back in her early childhood. As a child she always dreamed of finding an abandoned dog in need of love and a good home that she could rescue and take to her parents but they sadly did not have the time to own a dog.

In 2019 she adopted her own dog, Alva, from a German shelter. “It is the best decision I have ever made. She makes me smile every day” commented Leonie.

Now, after a few months in Bulgaria, after finding lonely strays on every corner, she wished her childhood dream never came true. “It makes me feel really sad to see all of these dogs running around on the streets, looking for food and attention. But on the other hand, to be able to help at least some of them, rehome them and to feel their unconditional love and thankfulness, gives me tears, this makes me happy“ says Leonie.

Leonie came to Bulgaria in July 2020 to volunteer at Everydaystray. After returning home to Germany to “normal“ life for two weeks she decided to return and help Everydaystray long term.

Leonie loves photography and already worked in an animal sanctuary back in Germany, taking photos for their social media. Leonie concludes “It’s just such a big motivation to know, that taking beautiful photos of the dogs makes it possible to find their forever homes”