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Tile  sponsorship

During 2023 one of our biggest projects was to build a quarantine area. The area is specifically designed to shelter unwanted/dumped puppies that have not yet been through the vaccination process, in a safe and loving environment.

The area specifically aims to reduce the risk of contamination from diseases such as Parvovirus which can kill vulnerable puppies in particular.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease of dogs that commonly causes acute gastrointestinal illness in puppies and can be fatal. We have had Parvovirus at the shelter and sadly lost many beautiful puppies and dogs to this killer disease before the quarantine area was completed.
You can be part of this life saving project by sponsoring a tile within the quarantine area and in effect you will be contributing to saving a life of very vulnerable puppies who would normally have very little chance of survival.

For the cost of 5 euros per month or an amount of your choice, you will receive a thank you acknowledgement on our social media, including here on our website. In addition, you will receive personal updates on the little one’s development that your sponsorship has helped us to save and hopefully go onto find their Happy Ever After Home.

Should you wish to make your sponsorship as a gift for a special person we can also send updates to the recipient of your kind sponsorship support.

Tile Sponsorship

To register to become a tile sponsor please email us at and set up a monthly bank transfer marked a Everydaystray tile sponsorship please and the rest is left to us to save puppies with your sponsorship, Thank you.