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My name is Felicity. I am just a young German girl, who is totally in love with dogs. This love started when I was just a few years old and my biggest dream was to give such a beautiful animal a home. Because I wasn‘t allowed to for a long time, I spent most of my time walking, playing and cuddling the neighbour’s dogs. There has always been a dog, I could spent my time with. When I got older I recognized that not all dogs got the chance of being cared and loved. So I wanted to help them. I got a member of the small animal shelter in our community. Because of my young age I wasn‘t allowed to take the dogs for walks. Me and the other volunteers did a lot of handcrafting to sell the final products on for example Christmas markets. The real animal contact was missing. Even if I could help the animals in a financial way I wanted to get in touch with them and give them my unconditional love and respect. That was the point when I made the decision to repeat that missing part. But at first I will focus on my education and other important things in my life like my sport or my piano skills. A few years later my dream came true and I had the chance to give a beautiful Australian Shepperd called Jake a home. We spent great times together: big walks, training, hiking, being a part of a Agility group, lots of cuddles and much more…

Jake just increases my love for dogs. Their endless trust and loyalty is just impressing. When I finally finished my “Abitur“ I didn‘t really know what to do, cause I wanted to start my studying just the next year. So that was the perfect time to realize my other dream of getting in real touch with needy dogs. I started to look for shelters who need some support. Due a dear friend of mine I came across to Everydaystray. Without any complications I flew over to Bulgaria to spent two months as a volunteer. This time enrich my life in so many ways for what I am more thank thankful. Hoping there will be more people who are looking forward in volunteering at Everdaystray I‘d be more than happy to give you more information about being a volunteer. Always free for a conversation. And now just a little phrase to underline the magic of dogs:

”Modern science has shown that when people and their dogs look into each other’s eyes, oxytocin levels spike in both species. Oxytocin is a hormone linked to positive emotional states.“