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My name is Anna. I have had pets all my life. I owe my love for animals to my parents. They have teach me that every animal has the right to be loved and to take an attention just as humans need it.

They accepted every dog or cat I took in our home, and they never got angry when I came home again and again with a new stray.

I am proud that I never changed my love for animals, it only grew stronger over the years. Unfortunately, here in my Bulgaria, people who treat dogs with love are really few….

Fate met me with Clair and Neil, they were the only people who gave me a hand to save four little puppies. I still remember the cold January day when Clair and I met. Four little stray hearts were already in her hands.

And I already knew for sure: they are saved! Today, each of those puppies, our „Four stars“, have a wonderful home and people who love them!

When Clair and Neil invited me to become a part of the blue shelter, I knew there could be no greater honor for me to be a part of the great things they are doing for dogs.

I wish that one day I would wake up and my Bulgaria would be changed, that people would be really good, first to themselves, then to the dogs.

If there is a reincarnation, I want to meet the same Clair and Neil again and again and this friendship will be endless, forever! ❤️