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Why adopt a dog from Everydaystray bg?

What can you expect from us? The organisation is based on transparency, truth and honesty.

Initially our priority is to get everything right for both the dog and the adopter. We have adoption calls to find out more about the potential adopter/s to gain an understanding of their living situation, work / study commitments, hobbies, interests, friends/family support available eg holidays, sickness etc.. We also answer any questions the adopter may have. We receive video of the potential home and surrounding environment. We use all of this information to  ensure that the dog is best suited to the adopter and vice versa.

Every dog in our care has full health checks before coming to the shelter and during if required.

Dogs are socialised with other dogs of all ages and size living at the shelter.

All dogs recieve the best quality nutritional dog/puppy food.

Dogs are introduced to new people, especially our volunteers. This enables them to gain confidence and trust around new people.

We seek across Bulgaria ’specialised veterinary care‘ for dogs with special needs to enable the dog to have the best quality of life as possible.

All puppies & dogs have daily exercise, training and stimulation games. No dogs are kept kenneled for a long period of time, unless for medical reasons.
In preparation for adoption dogs are encouraged to come into the house.

Dogs are exposed to different environments eg. cities, public parks etc in order to assess their character and prepare them for future adoption.

If applicable dogs are ‚cat tested‘ and videos are sent to potential adopters.

When required some dogs are taken to professional groomers.

Before adoption arrival, video and health updates are sent to the adopter so they can see their new family member whilst waiting for their arrival.

Coordinate transportation of the dog to their new home.
Adopters receive updates during every step of the journey home until the dog has arrived.

Following adoption we are available for lifelong 24/7 aftercare support.

But don’t take our word for this, here are a few statements from wonderful people who have been through this process and have decided to adopt a dog from Everydaystray bg  ……….





Bonnie Brown




Autumn and Marley