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We adopted Lilith from everydaystray because I saw (first on instagram, later as a volunteer in real life) how amazing sweet and patient they are with the dogs. I volunteered at other organizations as well, but this one (also because it doesn’t outgrows itself with ‘only’ 50 or so dogs) is really special; like a family for the dogs.

Neill and Claire and the volunteers do everything they can to make the dogs comfortable and selfconfident. The dogs go on walks, get leash training, learn to live with other dogs of all ages, get a bedtime treat every night and if time allows, they go on socialisation-trips to a small town or city. Besides this the dogs are treated with love, patience (sooo much patience ❤️🙏🏻) and care. This makes them trust people which is the best way to start their second chance at life: home 😍