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Stratford was found with his 10 siblings in a nearby village. Mum, Carlota had hidden them very carefully in barn. Neil and Clair took them back to the shelter and they were placed in the quarantine area. Mum had to stay with them as she was still feeding.

They are all beautiful little puppies and have been named with links to the famous writer William Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote ‚A midsummer nights dream‘ which we think is what Carlota was hoping for, a dream for her puppies be taken to a safe place. Carlota got her dream.

Stratford and his siblings are still in quarantine until they are fully vaccinated. Mum is now downstairs at the shelter making new friends.

All puppies are super friendly, funny and very loving.

Puck in 3 words:Loving, independent and playful.
Age/Date of birth:50 days
Height:20 cm
Mixing with dogs:In quarantine
Personality:He is super strong, cuddly and playful. Stratford is a very friendly boy who is people orientated.

A very gentle boy who loves people.



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