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It was a lovely sunny day and as usual I was wandering around trying to find some food when a group of people came towards me. They brought which was delicious. I had not eaten in a very long time, my tummy was very empty and I have 8 little ones to feed.

I heard one of the people say how thin I was. I was trying my best but food is not given to me I just survive on what I can find.

When my tummy was full I went to check on my little ones who were roaming down the road on the street, they were okay.

I was not aware that the two ladies had followed me. They found my little ones. I suppose I hoped for them to follow me and help us. They did.

After a long conversation with some of the people who lived where we were we were all taken for medical checks, we were all fine.

Then we were taken to a large blue building that was home to a lot of dogs. It was the Everyday shelter, we were safe.

Now I have my own large kennel, soft bed and best of all regular meals which is great. I even now go on the pack walks with all the other gang, its brilliant to be free, loved and cared for.

All I need now is a loving home, a safe place where I will be loved and sleep peacefully.

Katniss in 3 words:
Confident, playful, good with people
Age/Date of birth:
4 years
Mixing with dogs:
Not with bossy girls
Playful, joyful, confident, independent, curious, good with people, queen of the mountains, loves the snow, beautiful, strong, loves cuddles

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