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Everydaystray received a phone from a man explaining that he had seen a dog who could not walk. The dog was at the end of a village at the edge of a forest. The Everydaystray team went to investigate.

When they got there they could not see a dog. A man across the road came and helped. After sometime Jose was spotted hiding behind some very heavy metal sheets. Jose was very afraid of us. After a long time the team managed to get her out.

Jose had no mobility in her rear legs and had marks on her body which looked like rats had been gnawing at her.

Jose was taken immediately to the vet for health check. She then came to the shelter in the quarantine area.

Jose once settled in was taken to a specialist vet in Sofia. There it was explained that she had had Distemper and had a spinal injury to her back which restricted back leg movement. The vet thought the injury was some form of trauma caused by a heavy instrument, this may explain why she was very fearful when we found her.

Jose when fully vaccinated joined the rest of the gang at the shelter and in the house.

Jose now uses wheels to get around the shelter and join in the pack walks. Despite Jose having a disability she functions like every other dog at the shelter.

Jose is a fun loving affectionate girl. She loves to play in particular with Mouse and Sandy. She and Sandy quite often have races against each other on pack walks, both on their wheels.

Jose is a full member of the shelter gang despite her disability, she need little additional care.

She would make a wonderful family member. All she needs now is for someone to spot her if she is not too fast on her wheels!

Jose in 3 words:Loving, adventurous & very curious
Age/Date of birth:15 months
Height:45 cm
Mixing with dogs:Yes
Personality:Loving, gentle and super smart.  Jose loves to go on walks on her wheels. She can move on various terrain with no problem at all. In the house she is also mobile using her front two legs.

Jose is very food motivated good which is good for training.

You want to adopt?

That´s great! Send us a message with a short description of you and why you want to adopt this dog. As soon as we have evaluated all requests we will get back to you. We really looking forward to your message.