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Eva and Erik, her brother were brought to the shelter one Saturday evening by a young couple. They had been found dumped in a forest area near to Sevlievo.

They showed signs of ‚Cherry Eye‘, Erik more so than Eva. The couple took them to the nearby vets for tests and examinations of their eyes. It was confirmed they had Cherry eye. All tests were negative for various infections.

The couple came back to the shelter and settled in to the quarantine area and were very hungry and tired.

Soon little Erik’s personality came out. He was really cuddly, adventurous and funny.

After leaving the quarantine area and joining the rest of the dogs at the shelter Eva and Erik were taken to the vet for an operation on their eyes.

Today they are very healthy and have good sight, the operation was a success.

Erik gets along with all of the dogs here at the shelter. He loves to play and go on her walks, yet to join the pack walk which we know he will love.

Erik in 3 words:Loving, adventurous & very curious
Age/Date of birth:16 months
Height:42 cm
Mixing with dogs:Yes
Personality:Loving, gentle and super smart.  Erik loves to go on walks. Play with the dogs. He is excellent on the leash and his recall is brilliant. Everyone who sees him just falls in love with this little fun boy.


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