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Everydaystray received a message from a lovely man whose friend had found little Corky and his sister Nika (Catie)  in bus shelter near to a very busy road. His friend had been caring for the puppies and feeding them but was unable to home them as he had 3 dogs and 10 cats in his home. We were asked if we could help.

Neil went with Felicity and Matius who were volunteering at the shelter. The puppies were very vulnerable so they decided to take them to the shelter after a health check/tests. They tested negative for Parvovirus and Gardia.

The little ones went into quarantine until they had had all vaccinations. They were joined by Noah and Neve and they all got along very well.

The puppies have now joined the gang in the shelter. They have fitted in really well and are enjoying making new friends and exploring the shelter. They have now begun their lead and harness training and are proving to be little stars!

Corky in 3 words:Curious, Cuddly & loves talking
Age/Date of birth:3 months
Height:40 cm
Mixing with dogs:Yes
A very gentle nature. Loves to be cuddled and attention of people.

Corky is very curious and loves smelling everything at the shelter and on her lead training sessions.



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