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Meet Bruno. I am 6 years old and have been living at the shelter for 6 weeks now. I have a huge area to myself, which is fantastic, after spending most of my life living in a small apartment, without being walked. I now enjoy walking in the woods 2 times a day. I’m slowly getting used to being with other dogs and am starting to learn that things are very different here.

I’m a big boy….50kg and am looking for someone who has experience with big dog’s. Ideally a rural location. I cannot live in an apartment as I don’t like stairs, because it reminds me of where I came from.

Neil’s my best buddy and I have learnt to trust him now, as we spend a lot of time together on walks. I have made new friends with Clair and volunteers who visit the shelter.

I’m also now getting used to other people, especially Clair as she has also started to come on morning walks with me.

Please don’t overlook me… just because I’m big!

Bruno in 3 words:big playful baby
Age/Date of birth:15.9.17
Mixing with dogs:
good with all the dogs he knows
serious, loyal, playful, calm, stubborn, loves digging, experienced owner needed, needs to learn that life

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