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They have named me Beba; they are the people who feed me on the street where I lived. Beba means foreign woman, perhaps I am as I do not know where I belong.

I lived on an industrial estate in Gabrovo and the people felt sorry for me, one lady in particular called Alexandra. She was so kind and tried to feed me very day. I say tried, I was so frightened of people as they had hurt me. I had a large cut into my side which pained me so much. I know I needed help but I just could not trust anyone.

One day Alexandra contacted Everydaystray and they came to catch me. I was smart though, it took them 4 days. Eventually they gave me a sedative which made me sleepy; I could no longer run and hide from them.

So I was taken off the street and received help from a vet. All the time the people from Everydaystray stayed with me, it helped seeing friendly faces but I was still very frightened but my side hurt and I needed help.

I was taken to the shelter. I was given a warm bed and met other dogs who had been rescued. They told me it was okay here and the people were good, I was still nervous though.

I love to play and go on long walks with the other dogs, for the first time in my life.

I was still not sure around people and never came to close for cuddles.

In time I became a little more trusting of Neil and Clair, I am still not sure about other people who visit the shelter, they may want to hurt me again.

My scar is healing well now, I think I may even look quite pretty.

Beba in 3 words:Active, kind, shy
Age/Date of birth:06.03.19
Mixing with dogs:Yes
Timid, wary, loves to give kisses, cheerful, quiet, calm, pleasant, active, thankful, loves her walks, playful, nervous around new people.

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