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One day when our mum, Katniss was looking for food a group of people spotted her. They gave her some food. When she had eaten two people from the group followed her to see where she was going and she led them to us. We were walking freely on a road in a village.

The group we now know are Everydaystray, Cloud7 and blankpaper spoke with the local people to see if anyone owned us. They were told that we were not nor our mother too.

The people made the decision to take us to a safe place, Everydaystray shelter.

We live here now and it’s great. We have regular food, a warm bed but most importantly we are safe.

Now, all eight of us are looking for our second chance at life homes.

You want to adopt?

That´s great! Send us a message with a short description of you and why you want to adopt this dog. As soon as we have evaluated all requests we will get back to you. We really looking forward to your message.