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Poppy and Pickles

We are Poppy and Pickles.

‘I am Pickle’s Mum’ said Poppy.

‘Can I say something too Mum? Pickles interrupted

‘’Yes, off course you can dear, but don’t go on’ replied Poppy, and she sat back in the sunshine to listen to Pickles tell their story…..

‘….We were picked up one and day and taken from our home. We thought we may be going on an adventure, but we were wrong, so very wrong.

We were placed at the side of a road and left. I was very frightened but my mum comforted me but I knew she was scared too. We found shelter in a small wooded area not far from the road.

We were cold, wet, tired and hungry. No one noticed us, or wanted to notice us. People see many dogs abandoned at the side of the road here and we were just another two! Nothing special, just two, little black scruffy dogs.

Then one day someone noticed us and came and gave us food. I let my mum go first to make sure it was safe, I stayed in the background.

It was the Everydaystray team. Boy! We were lucky that day.

We were taken to the vet and checked that we were healthy and then we went to the shelter.

‘Do you remember that day Mum? It was good wasn’t it?

‘Yes, I remember it well. The feeling of being safe and wanted still makes me smile and feel happy’ replied Poppy. ‘Now hurry up with your story, it’s nearly time for bed’

Pickles continued …’Well we live at the shelter now; we have our own bed, good food and water. We love to sunbath, potter around the shelter watch the other dogs get into mischief… We just need someone to spot us now and offer us a forever home, don’t we Mum?’

Poppy has now fallen asleep listening to Pickle’s tale ….. Sssh!

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