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Hello, my name is Julia. A name given to me by an Everydaystray follower, Thank you, Anne.

My name means ’soft haired‘ and the people at the shelter say my little puppy coat is very soft.

I live at the shelter with my 2 big brothers and 3 sisters. Our start was not a good one at all. We slept in a dirty barn on the floor near to our mum, Martha who was kept on a short chain, sleeping on an ants nest.

Now, though our life is good. We live in a special place Neil built for us at the shelter. We are kept separately until we are all fully vaccinated and we cannot wait to come down into the yard and play with all the other dogs which we have been told is very soon …… Sooooo Exciting!

Then our next big adventure will be to find our very own second chance at life home! Double Exciting!!!!

You want to adopt?

That´s great! Send us a message with a short description of you and why you want to adopt this dog. As soon as we have evaluated all requests we will get back to you. We really looking forward to your message.