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Hello, my name is Jack and I will now tell you a little bit more about myself. I was a street dog. I say was, because at the moment  I’m  staying with the people who rescued me, after I broke my leg.

I’m quite happy here because I’m now cared for and, no longer have to worry about my next meal and a safe place to sleep.

At first I was a little unsure of the people who look after me and, didn’t like them to touch me. I’ve been here now for 5 weeks and now trust them.

I love to have my tummy tickled and like their company. I see all the other dogs going out for a walk, but I’m not sure about this. I  just like to rest and sleep in my kennel.

I do occasionally go out when I visit the Dr, but I prefer it if Neil carries me to the van.

I’d love to find a home, maybe with a little garden, where I can sleep and relax.

Jack in 3 words:Lazy, Loner & Loveable
Age/Date of birth:3 years
Height:50 cm
Mixing with dogs:Not yet introduced due to his broken leg
Personality:A diva, Shy, Quiet & Enjoys having a snooze.

You want to adopt?

That´s great! Send us a message with a short description of you and why you want to adopt this dog. As soon as we have evaluated all requests we will get back to you. We really looking forward to your message.