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Harley lived on a farm with her mother Poppy and sisters Barley and Summer.

A dear friend of Everydaystray, Anna had been feeding the dogs and checking they were okay as the farmer did not seem interested in them.

One day Anna visited and saw that Harley had been hit by a car and was limping. She contacted us to ask for help. After some time she and Neil managed to catch Harley and get her to the vets for medical treatment. Luckily nothing was broken and she had two open wounds which needed to be cleaned and stitched.

Harley came back to the shelter with Neil. Harley is now fully healed and is in really good health.

She is a super friendly and loving girl. She loves cuddles and gets along with all the dogs at the shelter. She has a beautiful and gentle personality sometimes known as the ‚butterfly‘ because of kind way.

Harley soon fitted in on the pack walks and loves to explore the fields and woods, usually in her gentle manner not running wildly like some of the other dogs.


Harley in 3 words:Cuddly, loving & very friendly
Age/Date of birth:8 months
Height:50 cm
Mixing with dogs:Yes
Loving and full of fun. Harley loves exploring her new environment.

A loving, cuddly girl.

When she is really happy she will smile at you.


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