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Hello, my name is Gigi. I was given this name by the people who found me. In Arabic it means ‘Royalty’ but I did not feel very royal when I was found.
I had been shot, and it hurt so much. My companion had also been shot. We wandered around the mountain and forest in search for food. We could not find anything to eat so we ate stones and rocks in hope of staying alive.
One day we were seeking food and shelter and we were spotted by two ladies. They knew something was wrong with us and came to help straight away. They gave us food, cuddles and took us straight away to get medical help.
For the first time in a long time we felt safe and cared for.
One of the ladies contacted Everydaystray to see if they could help us, they said yes after listening to our sad story and need for help.
After a short stay at the animal hospital I was taken to the shelter. Wow! I was immediately greeted by lots of new friends who made us feel very welcome, especially the human ones at the shelter.
I can now say I feel royal!
All I need now is a place to call my home or even my palace!

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