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Denzel is a real miracle dog.

When we found him he was lying on the street and did not walk or attempt to walk. We immediately took him thinking he had been hit by a car or had some form of spinal injury. After he had had general health checks we made him an appointment at a vet in Sophia where he received an MRI scan, Ultrasound and various tests. To our surprise nothing was found, we and the vets were confused. Denzel came back to the shelter and had his own kennel which was flat and comfortable for him.

Then one day whilst in his kennel and with encouragement and a little salami Denzel started to walk. We were all so amazed by him. Eventually, he had a gentle stroll around the shelter yard, taking gentle steps each time.

When we told the vets they were amazed at this recovery.

We began to notice if there were sudden movements, loud noises or shouting Denzel will fall to the position on the ground we found him in. Both we and the vets think he has experienced trauma so bad that this is how he responds by not moving.

Denzel now leads a happy and healthy life, joins in pack walks, and plays with the rest of the gang at the shelter.

Life could not be better now for this miracle boy the only thing he is missing is an offer for his second chance at life home.

You want to adopt?

That´s great! Send us a message with a short description of you and why you want to adopt this dog. As soon as we have evaluated all requests we will get back to you. We really looking forward to your message.