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Little Clover was dumped close to the shelter, thrown out of a car and left in a place she did not know.

We would spot her now and again when on pack walks, she watched us from the distance but never came too close.

One day she was spotted in the village but we were unable to catch her as she was very frightened.

Then one hot day Clair was driving past the village and there was little Clover being fed by a kind man in the village. Clair immediately got out of the car and approached little Clover. She did not appear fearful and lay sun bathing on a blanket of grass covered with clover flowers, welcoming lots of cuddles and fuss.

Neil came and he and Clair managed to get her into the car and take her to the vets for health checks. The only issue she had was high white blood cells which she is now receiving anti biotics for.

Clover has settled in at the shelter very well. She comes on the wheelie walks and loves niffing around the fields and stream with the other dogs.

She is very cuddly and loves attention. She gets along with the dogs she has met so far at the shelter. Clover has lots of puppy energy and loves to play, run and jump.


Clover in 3 words:Cuddly, loving & very friendly
Age/Date of birth:7 months
Height:30 cm
Mixing with dogs:Yes
Loving and full of fun. Clover loves exploring her new environment.

A loving, cuddly girl.


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