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Agata had been dumped in the village nearby to the shelter. A lady was feeding her but she remained on the street. We tried to support the lady and gave her a dog house for Agata which was placed outside of her property. The lady wanted to keep Agata but we were very concerned that she had a dog chained up in their yard to guard the chickens. We feared that Agata would also be chained.

After we castrated Agata, she came to the shelter.

She has not been with us long but we are slowly getting a sense of her behaviour.

She loves her walks and is working towards coming on the pack walk once introduced to all the dogs.

She is very loyal to Neil. She loves to be groomed and have cuddles. She is always happy at meal time.

Agata will make someone a very lovely and loyal companion.

Agata in 3 words:Loyal, Loving and intelligent
Age/Date of birth:4 years
Mixing with dogs:Good
Personality:Gentle and very loving. Agata has excellent recall. She loves her walks. She is very intelligent, learnt her name within a couple of days. Very people focused. Now starting to show her playful nature.



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