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My love for street dogs started when I was very little and my best friends were the street dogs. They all had a names and houses near the building I was living in so we had so much fun together, however I did not understand why one day they just disappeared, until later when I grew up I found out about the local shelter in the city. There I saw the great need of help for the dogs to have a home instead of cages.

Now I have just started as a photographer with my own business opening a studio where people can have photographs with their dogs as I found out that photographers here in my city do not accept dogs or any pets in their studio so this is why I am motivated to open a place for them.

In my free time I love to paint. Beside the love for dogs I love spending time in prayer and reading my bible, listening to music and travelling.

I am so glad I can serve in Everyday Stray because I love the hearts of Neil and Clair which are full of love and compassion for the dogs