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Maria is Bulgarian but has spent some of her time in the United Kingdom. She has managed a Municipality dog shelter in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. The shelter offers a place to unwanted or injured street dogs.

Maria has always been passionate about dogs and animals. When not volunteering she regularly looks after the welfare for dogs living on the street. She is a recognised person in her community to call when someone spots a dog and need, and Maria always responds.

Her happiest moments with dogs are when she sees them not suffering anymore on the streets and have a second chance of life. Maria believes that dogs need us. She says “They cannot shop for food, properly shelter themselves or give themselves medication, they need our help”.

Maria believes that Everydaystray and the shelter will help more dogs and end their suffering.

In her spare time, yes she helps dogs and animals. When she does find time she enjoys walking her own dogs, caring for her cats and when she can escape to the serenity of the Bulgarian mountains.

She is the Community Co-ordinator with the Everydaystray Team. Maria brings passion, dedication and commitment for helping dogs. Maria is also a great mediator for the team when they deal with members of the community as she speaks both English and Bulgarian.